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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Scotney Castle part 2

Following on from the previous post about Scotney here is the Victorian mansion at the top of the hill.

The Hussey family had this built in 1837 and remained in their family until a few years ago when it was given to the National Trust to maintain and open to the general public. The interior of the house had been little altered until 1952 when Betty and Christopher Hussey moved in and brought it up to date. As you wander from room to room you can see that it was very much used and loved as their country home rather than just a stately manor.

These are the steps leading up to the apartments at the side of the house. It was here that Margaret Thatcher spent time during her premiership to possibly get away from the media and pressures of her work. I can't think of a better place to relax as you wander around the gardens.


I hope you've enjoyed this tour of Scotney castle and gardens with me. Tomorrow I am flying to Miami to spend a few days with my friends A and N and then off to New York.


  1. I have certainly enjoyed this wonderful tour. I hope your travels are all you hope for. I know you will take pictures! :-0

  2. I will reserve my opinion on the interior of the house, but the gardens are wonderful and a Henry Moore sculpture, no less. Miami? What an extraordinary place to visit. Mediaeval to Art Deco in one stroke of the brush. The English rose will wilt.

  3. Scotney Castle looks quite amazing. A piece of history yet still loved and being used. Wonderful grounds and gardens too.
    Have a great time away.

  4. Beautiful post and beautiful castle, I like the interior photos with the costumes. Wow to Miami and New York, I am envious. New York is a great city to visit, whish you lots of fun in the US!

  5. A beautiful castle and how nice to see it's being used as a Family Home. I could be very comfortable in that gorgeous sitting-room.

  6. People lived well in those days. I just cleaned my house today. I'm glad its not as big as that one. Woo hoo off on another holiday. Unfortunately I won't be able to follow you after Tuesday as we will be away up in the wilds of Cape York tip of Oz. I doubt we will have much internet up there. You have a happy holiday.


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