Saturday, 27 February 2021


 Just looking at these simple but beautiful flowers gives me a feeling of joy and hope for the future. 

They were sent to my daughter for her birthday yesterday. We celebrated with a wonderful meal delivered to the doorstep from a nearby restaurant. We just had to follow some simple instructions and enjoy the outcome. With luck it won't be too long before we will be able to celebrate with the rest of the family.

Monday, 22 February 2021

By the river


Yesterday's walk took me to the river Thames, a great favourite of mine. It is quite along walk from home to the river so I drove and managed to park the car in a retail park behind the Holiday Inn on the Greenwich peninsula. I walked through the Ecology Park to get to the Thames path. Historically this area was known as the Greenwich marshes but became heavily industrialised in the 1880s onwards with a large shipbuilding yard and a gas and chemical works. With the decline of the industries in the 70s new schemes were eventually put in place to regenerate the area and so began the creation of the Ecology Park as a freshwater habitat.

This morning all I could hear was the honking of the geese. 

Many were flying from the park on to the river. I only managed to catch this one on camera. 

Canada geese are very common but I did spot this bird which I think is an Egyptian goose

There were lots of coots in and out of the reeds.

The Ecology Park is next to the river so I was soon on the pathway walking towards Greenwich.

I noticed this sculpture on one of the piers.

This was a new sculpture for me and unfortunately I couldn't find out any information about it.

In the distance I could see the cable car stretching across the river.
Just below the Emirates cable car is this sculpture by Anthony Gormley known as 'The Cloud'. From a distance you can make out the figure of a man within the structure.

Once you walk round the bend of the river you will see this  sign in the middle of the path. Fortunately  there was an explanation nearby. The road sign artwork by Thomson and Craighead, marks the 24,859 mile distance around the earth and back. Its placement is on the Greenwich meridian line which is located at 0 degrees.

Across the river are the buildings on Canary Wharf.

It was low tide as I walked along the river and looking at the clean patches of sand I can now believe that The Thames is one of the cleanest metropolitan rivers in Europe with over 300 different species of fish living in its waters.

Monday, 15 February 2021

Lockdown week 6

 This week I received my first covid vaccination which was probably the highlight of the year! The vaccination programme seems to be the only thing we have managed to get right in the UK. There is a strict order of who receives the vaccine and it was finally my turn. It is a huge administrative exercise to vaccinate the whole country. It is not compulsory and there will be some people who will not want to have it but I hope the numbers will be high enough to prevent its rapid spread once again. The numbers of confirmed cases, covid hospital admissions and deaths are gradually reducing but the numbers are still far too high for us to come out of lockdown.

I am no longer walking in the crowded parks but going a little further out in Kent.  I can still walk here from my daughter's where I am staying from Sunday to Friday.

For those of you who were interested in this Jigsaw, I finally finished it. It took quite a few hours, (actually loads of hours). I thought the reflection was difficult until I tried to do the sky!

All that remains is to take it apart and pass it on to someone else to complete.

Monday, 8 February 2021

Fun in the snow

 Home schooling with a difference today as we had a quite a snowfall overnight. 

It was all about snowman building, 

making bird feeders (the seeds and fruit are not frozen but held together by fat);

and of course - sledging.

It was good to be able to do something different. Lockdown is hard on the children as they are desperate to be back at school with their friends. it will be at least a month before that happens.

Monday, 1 February 2021

Crowded parks


Another delightful walk around Greenwich Park this week.

Some storm damage from the previous week.

These photos were taken in the enclosed flower garden.  No ball games, cycling or dogs off the lead are allowed in this part of the park. Consequently it is much quieter.

In the rest of the park, the pathways are really busy.  Time for me to find another local walk