Thursday, 29 September 2011

Olympic update

Today I heard I had been succesful in my application for the role of interviewing prospective volunteers. I know it doesn't mean I'll get into the stadium but at least it's a start! I've also got another interview to become a volunteer during the Olympics and I've even got an audition to be part of the opening ceremony. Can't wait to see what I'll have to do for that - maybe my Zumba classes will come in useful after all!
I'll keep you posted .

Monday, 19 September 2011


This morning I tried a new class at the gym - Zumba. It was a kind of keep fit to Latin American music. I wasn't too bad. Could never understand why my arms were in the air when everyelse's were down and then vice versa. I think I need to do quite a few more classes before I really get the hang of it!
Elliott - I have changed the settings so that you can make a comment now - I think.

Open House

Open House in London  happens over a weekend in Sept when hundreds of places are open to the public for free. Many of them now require you to book in advance but there are still many that allow you in on a first come basis. This Sunday I managed to see some brilliant places inc Westminster Hall at the Houses of Parliament; The Banqueting Hall: The Foreign Office and the Admiralty. Next year I need to try and book earlier and see more of London's heritage.


Just returned from a very relaxing holiday in Malta. It was all about sun, sea and sand. Hotel had fantastic views over Mellieha Bay and viewing the sun-set from the balcony was breath taking - once we had actually moved to rooms with a balcony that is. We were initially given an apartment with the balcony with no view . I then got a good room but T. got the pits of a room. A view of the sea only available if you stood on a chair in the far corner! She had another room the following morning after yet another discussion with the manager. It all ended peacefully and we went on to enjoy a great holiday.

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Garden overhaul

Apparently when you start writing a blog you have to update it on a regular basis or followers get fed up. So sorry about that Elliot I will try to do better in future!
Other than wandering around the world I am also doing the more mundane things in life such as trying to dig up the front garden and renew all the shrubs and other plants. Sounds easy but so far I have dug up 15 ash trees; 2 oak trees and 1 sycamore tree.I wouldn't mind if it was a large garden but it's only about 20sq metres of which I have dug half!

Thursday, 8 September 2011

The Olympics

Well one of the things I desperately want to do is be involved in the Olympics. For some unknown reason I haven't been selected for any sport so I am trying to get into the Stadium as a volunteer. This is proving nigh impossible. I have applied to do anything from driving the athletes around to giving out the laundry but I haven't even got an interview yet. When I came back from Costa Rica I saw they were advertising for performers for the opening and closing ceremony. So I've applied for that although not quite sure what kind of performer I could be. However, today I went to the paralympic promotion in Trafalgar Square and met someone who is interviewing volunteers and apparently they still need more people to do the interviews. Needless to say I was straight home to apply for that as well! So watch this space you never know I might get inside that stadium yet.