Sunday, 18 October 2020

Herat, Afghanistan 1975

I visited Afghanistan twice in the 1970s and these slides were taken on my first visit in 1975. When I returned three years later Russian tanks were on the streets. The main invasion took place in 1979 but troops were already there in 1978. I would like to have shown you photos but I wasn't foolish enough to start photographing an invading force.  
 However these photos were taken in happier times in 1975. They were taken in Herat where there was a funfair taking place. I assume it was in celebration of some festival, possibly the end of Ramadan but maybe not. 


Saturday, 17 October 2020


Conditions were perfect this weekend for lots of fungi.

Tuesday, 13 October 2020

Brompton Cemetery


Once the restrictions were lessened I have been trying to visit more underground stations. I started my 'Above the Underground' challenge in 2014. There are 270 different tube stations and to date I have visited and written about 125 stations. Ensuring I remain safe means not travelling on the tube as much as I did prior to the Covid outbreak. This means that I walk more between stations and also find other ways of  getting to them such as using National Rail. I have found that travelling early on Saturdays or Sundays means the NR trains are almost empty and I can open all the windows. 

I enjoy exploring the areas surrounding the stations as often they are unfamiliar to me. This week's gem was Brompton cemetery, a few minutes walk from West Brompton. Read more at

Sunday, 4 October 2020

Leicester Square

 There are 39 theatres in the West End of London with another 54 venues outside the West End. I wonder how many will survive this Covid crisis?

This is Leicester Square in the heart of the West End. It was 10am on Saturday when I took these photos. There was hardly anyone there. There are very few tourists in London at the moment which means many restaurants, cafes and shops have not reopened. 

I was able to photograph the statues around the Square with ease without anyone sitting next to them taking selfies.

Could almost be an advert for social distancing.

Don't think I have ever seen the Lego shop or M and M's without queues outside. There again it could just have been the rain keeping everyone indoors.