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Monday, 21 May 2018


When I was in Copenhagen a few weeks ago, my friend and I decided to go to Malmo in Sweden for the day. This is very easy now that there is a bridge linking Denmark and Sweden. This is the Oresund Bridge. It is the longest combined railway and road bridge in Europe. I travelled by train which only took 35 mins. I was hoping to see the bridge but of course the only views I got were of the sea on either side of the of the bridge.

The harbour in Malmo. Unfortunately you can't see the bridge from here either

Øresund Bridge from the air in September 2015.jpg
The bridge runs almost 8 km from the Swedish coast to the artificial island Peberholm in the middle of the strait. The rest of the journey is through a tunnel

Cycles aplenty in Malmo.

We walked from the main rail station across the canal and into the town.

In the main Square is  Malmo town Hall built between 1544-1547 restored in 1860

 The oldest pharmacy was founded in 1571

Next door to the main square is Lillla Torg a beautiful cobblestone square.
There are a number of bars and restaurants in this historic market square.

It was such a beautiful day that we sat in the square enjoying a meal and a couple of drinks watching the world go by, before it was time to get the train back to Copenhagen.

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Friday, 18 May 2018

The Wedding

As some of you might be aware there is a rather large wedding happening this Saturday in London. Well, not actually in London but in a small town a few miles from London called Windsor. It just so happens there is a rather large castle in Windsor and as with most fairy tales the Prince marries his beautiful bride in the Castle.

 I decided to pop over to Windsor yesterday and check out the preparations.

Surprised to see the happy couple out and about.

They were bombarded with requests for photos and interviews. It was a good job Madame Tussaud's was on hand with a couple of spares.

The town is over run with media teams from allover the world. They have taken over the balconies of this hotel which has an excellent view of the castle.

They have even built studios on top of some of the buildings on the High Street.

They were interviewing anyone and everyone. They even interviewed me!

Oh no they are looking at me again.

The shops are all decorated for the occasion.

Loads of expensive tat to buy.

The local pub is being renamed 'The Prince Harry'

After the ceremony in St George's Chapel in the Castle, the couple will be driven in a horse drawn carriage through the town so people can see them.

People are already camping out to make sure they get a front row seat.

 After going through the town the wedding procession will make its way through Windsor Great Park. This is the 'Long Walk'. a three mile tree lined path through the Park leading to the gates of the Castle.

 The TV companies all have their little piece of the park to set up their cameras.

 This is the studio from where Phillip Schofield ( ITV ) will be broadcasting .

Across the way is one of the BBC's broadcasting studios.

 There is a whole line of cherry pickers all ready for the camera crews.

 I think this is the BBC main hub.

The portaloos have been delivered.

The plants still need to be set out.

Lots of places to buy food and drink were being set up.

And the deer in the park were just munching away as usual, not taking any notice of all the fuss that was going on around them.

I'm glad I came to visit Windsor before the big day and I hope you've enjoyed walking round the town with me.  On Saturday I will be watching the events of the day unfold from the comfort of my own home.