Monday, 21 February 2022

Cirque Du Soleil

 On Saturday I went to the Royal Albert Hall to see the Cirque Du Soleil perform their show 'Luzia'. I have not seen the company perform before, but I have heard and read excellent reviews of the show. Using a company called 'Travel Zoo' I managed to get an excellent discount for a front row seat. I was surprised that photography was allowed and took advantage of that to take a few photos to show you. No flash allowed and so the photos are not great but it gives you an idea of the performance.

The stage was covered with  marigolds making a stunning display.

At some point the flowers disappeared probably when all eyes were watching someone descending on a rope from the ceiling.

I could hardly watch the contortionist without squirming.

A waterfall descending from the ceiling. I did get splashed at this point but fortunately it wasn't that bad.

It was an exciting, fast moving show which I thoroughly enjoyed. (You were asked to wear a mask during the performance and Covid passports had to be shown at the door. )

Monday, 14 February 2022

The sunbathers

 Peter Laszio Peri's The Sunbathers was originally built for the Festival in Britain in 1951. It was then thought to be lost. In 2016 Historic England put out a request to help them find lost pieces of art work. The Sunbathers was discovered in a garden of a large hotel in Blackheath. The sculpture was restored and is currently displayed on a wall in Waterloo station.

Monday, 7 February 2022

North bank of the Thames


A couple of days after visiting the light show at Battersea Power station, I was on the North bank of the river visiting the Tate Britain art gallery. It was a pleasant day and I  decided to have a walk along the river embankment. It was interesting to see the converted Power station from this side of the river.  Looking at the smoke from one of the chimneys is a reminder of its previous life but I'm assuming that the smoke will be from the central heating systems now in place for all the apartments that now exist there.

The building in the centre of this photo is the MI5 building, (Military Intelligence section 5) which is responsible for our security.

Battersea bridge
Mallard ducks and other birds enjoying life on the river.