Friday, 30 December 2016

Lake Bled

Whilst in Ljubljana we went for a trip into the countryside to visit Lake Bled.

The countryside we journeyed through had mountain scenery and small alpine like villages. It was only about 60 kms to the Lake so didn't take too long.

The Lake was stunning with a small Island in the middle. Th church on the island dates from the 17th cent when it was renovated after an earthquake.

We were taken across to the Island in a rowing boat.

The water was clear and still and the reflections looked like one of Monet's paintings.

If you decide to get married at the church on the Island,you need to be fit as tradition has it that the groom carries his bride up the steps!

Ringing the wishing bell inside the church

According to the legend, a young widow Poliksena once lived at the Bled Castle, who had a bell casted for the chapel on the island in memory of her husband. During the transport of the bell, a terrible storm struck the boat and sank it together with the crew and the bell, which to this day is said to ring from the depths of the lake. After the widow died, the Pope consecrated a new bell and sent it to the Bled Island. It is said that whoever rings this bell and thereby gives honour to Virgin Mary gets his wish come true.

The bell mechanism at the top of the tower.

Views from the island.

 Across on the mainland you can see the castle on top of the hill.

As the light was beginning to fade we went back across the Lake and were driven to the castle.

The castle terraces offer amazing views over the valley  with the Julian alps in the background.

From the other side of the castle you have spectacular views of the Lake and the Island.

As the sun went down the sky was ablaze with colour.

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Ljubljana highlights

Here are some highlights of the old town of Ljubljana

Ljubjana castle stands above the town providing excellent  views.

The Triple Bridge in front of the Franciscan church

They make excellent sausages in the town.

The front and side doors of the cathedral

Building of the former Co-operative Bank.

The love locks on Butcher's Bridge. This bridge was constructed in 2010 and is surrounded by grotesque structures with mythological themes.

The Dragon Bridge

Cobblers' Bridge

The walls of the old monastery

The water fountains are covered to prevent them from freezing during the winter.