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Monday, 19 December 2016

Christmas shop windows

The Bull and the China. 

Window dressing has an important role in enticing the shoppers inside the store. Here are a couple of  examples of the Central London Christmas windows this year.

Fortnum and Mason has gone for the theme of togetherness, 'Together we are Merrier' Each window tells the story of an unlikely pairing who have put aside their differences for the season of Christmas. The stories are told through rhymes printed on the windows and the characters.

The Early Bird and the Night Owl

The Chef and the Lobster

The Wolf and the Sheep

The Turkey and the Butcher

The Polar Bear and the Penguin

The tree and the Woodcutter

Meanwhile over at Liberty's the windows have been inspired by the Royal Ballet's production of The Nutcracker



  1. Oh these are so delightful and creative and wonderful photography ~ thanks,

    Happy Holidays to you ~ ^_^

  2. I love the unlikely pairings and they are so beautifully done.

  3. Those decorations must cost a fortune, they put lot of effort into them

  4. Those first pictures are very original to express a message to think over. The Liberty windows are also very nice to watch. It is a joy to do some windowshopping these days!

  5. i love this decoreations... this are very creativ and originally
    merry christmas to you

  6. I love the top ones. I wish I could have seen them myself, but I was too busy shopping! I wonder what the ones in Harrods look like though.

  7. How lovely to see. i pick the bull and the china for my favorite. Wish I could read the poem as I think I would like it.


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