Around Home

Around Home
1) Learn conversational Spanish: Ongoing
2) Bake an edible cake
3) Make mayonnaise from scratch  Waste of energy
4) Enrol on an evening class to learn a new skill (joined Zumba class 2012)
5) Try Zumba
6) Swim a km - in one go doing front crawl
7) Write an adventure book for SEN teenagers - unlikely to happen
8) Set up a blog
9) Become a tweeter
10) Paint a watercolour
12) Learn to play crown bowls
13) Create a herb garden
14) Bake different varieties of bread
15) Join a knitting group
16) Transfer slides of Nepal into photos
17) Compile my own reading list
18) Play a round of golf in less than 80 strokes   Impossible!
19) Obtain new driving licence
20) Learn how to take decent photos with a digital camera
21) Join new class at the gym
22) Dig up all the shrubs in the garden
23) Learn to play a simple tune on the flute
24) Join the U3A
25) Make a patchwork quilt