Around the world

1) Dip my toes in the Caribbean
2) Climb a volcano here
3) Snorkel around the Great Barrier Reef here
4) Be out of the country when the school year starts 60andthe
6) Visit a cloud forest
7) Ride the Rocky Mountaineer: Here
8) Get drenched at Niagara Falls here
9) Drive along Route 66 here
12) Fly around the world
15) Enjoy a Singapore Sling at Raffles
16) Kayaking through the rain forest
17) Visit Monet's garden
18) Wander around El Prado, Madrid
19) Find my way round The Hermitage, St Petersburg After60 -thenext10: Day 2: Art at the Hermitage (
20) Go white water rafting
21) Take the boat trip across the Cook straits
22) Drive along the great Ocean road and see the 12 apostles
23) Visit the Brandenburg Gates, Berlin
24) Walk in Darwin's footsteps on the Galapagos Islands here