After 70 - the new bucket list

On this page I have updated my 'bucket list'. Here you will find the ones I haven't yet achieved from my previous list and some new ones:

In and around the UK:
1)Cross the Scafell Pike 
2)Visit Slimbridge waterfowl centre
 3) Walk from Mousehole to Lamorna (Cornwall)
4) Walk from Manningtree to Denham (Essex)
5) Walk from Eastbourne to Alfriston (East Sussex)
 6) Walk the Gower Peninsula
7) Walk the Pilgrim's Way
8) Learn to play crown bowls
9) Paint a watercolour
10) Play a simple tune on the flute
11) Listen to a case at the Old Bailey
12) Learn conversational Spanish (ongoing)
13) Visit above all the underground stations (ongoing)
14) Explore the river Thames from the Barrier to the sea
15) Visit the Scottish Highlands
16) Walk around the Isle of Man
17) Travel to all the previously not visited cities in the UK.
18) Visit all the London Museums

In and around the rest of the world:

1) Visit Monet's garden
2) Photograph the Tulip fields in the Netherlands
3) Tour round as many European Capitals as possible
4) Visit the National Parks in the USA
5) Enjoy Disneyland with the grandchildren

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