Monday, 27 April 2020

Out for a walk

On my return from Leeds I did a quick turnaround and packed up the car with all the things I might need over the next couple of months.  My daughter, sil and children live just half an hour's drive from me. As she has a chronic illness it was thought the best solution would be for me to move in to help with the kids. That was 6 weeks ago and it has worked out ok. Everyone is well and we are still speaking to one another! There are times I have found it difficult not having time to myself but I try to go for a short walk most days.
Recently, lockdown rules have been relaxed slightly to allow you to drive somewhere for a walk on the condition that the walk is longer than the drive. So today I took a short drive into Kent. This would be the first decent walk I have done since lockdown. Not living at home meant I didn't have access to any maps or guides with me. However, I have lead walks in this area many times and I was sure my memory wouldn't fail me.

My walking is usually accompanied by the distant sounds of traffic from one of the major motorways which go through Kent, taking traffic either to the coast or into central London. Today's walk was a completely different experience. The only sounds I could hear were from birds. I recognised the wood pidgeons, the robins, blue tits and even a woodpecker tap tapping away. Many more birds were joining the chorus but my knowledge of different bird songs is very poor.

I was just a little late to see the bluebells at their best but it was still a welcome sight.

The wild garlic was thriving.

There were no sounds of aircraft from the skies nor the criss-crossing of contrails, just a few wispy white clouds floating across the sky.

It was an absolute joy walking today and it definitely revived my spirits. I'm not sure how long I will have to be away from home but as long as I can occasionally go out for a walk like this I will be able to manage this crisis. 

Friday, 24 April 2020

Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Whilst in Yorkshire last  I visited the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. It is located near Wakefield, 20 miles from Leeds, in the 500 acre Bretton estate. The open air collection is scattered within a landscape of woodland, lakes and formal gardens. There is a temporary exhibition in amongst the permanent collection.

This is Pop Rooster (2016) by Joana Vasconcelos

Lucy and Jorge Orta - Gazing Ball 2018