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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Marlborough House

Just across the road from St James's Palace is Marlborough House
Built by Sir Christopher Wren in 1709-11, this magnificent house was home to a number of Royals:
King Leopold of Belgium and Queen Adelaide
King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra,
King George V and Queen Mary.

 After the death of Mary in 1953 Queen Elizabeth II donated the house to the Commonwealth secretariat and it is now their headquarters.

At the back of the gardens is a short wooded path leading to the Queen Alexandra's pet cemetery

Caesar was the dog of King Edward VII and was his constant companion. When the king died in 1910 the dog walked in the funeral procession ahead of other kings and heads of state.
File:Edward VII Funeral Charger and Caesar.jpg

There is also this thatched sun house in the garden built for Queen Mary, which could be rotated to allow the Royals to enjoy the sunshine from whatever direction  they so desired.

At the far end of the garden all the flags of the Commonwealth are displayed.


  1. Neat place, Marie... Loved reading about the animals. Caesar must have been a VERY special dog. That is neat!!!

    I'd love a rotating house too---so that I could move it around depending upon where the sun was in the sky!!!!!


  2. I really loved the story about the dog who walked before kings and heads of state. Our canine companions are probably the only ones who love us so unconditionally. Thanks for the comment you left on my latest blog. It means a lot. :-)

  3. Wow - I'm loving all the history you write in your blog, accompanied by photos. Thanks!

  4. Great place to go round and that is not the only pet cemetery I have see either, Toad Hall near Henley has one as well.

  5. I loved the tour as I've never been there. The commonwealth flags are a lovely sight and the royal pet cemetery is new to me. Thanks a lot for the tour.

  6. You have such beautiful manors in your country with so much space around. Love it.


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