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Saturday, 22 June 2013


I have just returned from a couple of days in Eastbourne. This is a small town on the South Sussex  coast. The main reason for visiting was to watch yet more tennis and also to look a t a couple of National Trust properties in the Sussex area.

The beach at Eastbourne is a pebble beach, so I never brought the children here when they were young as sand was a must.

But it does have a pier. Piers were built at many seaside towns during the Victorian era to provide a landing stage for the passenger ships from across the channel.

I love the Victorian iron work that is still evident around the seating areas.

Some of the original  pier, where I assume the passengers used to disembark.

A couple of paddle boarders enjoying the last rays of sunshine.



  1. Eastbourne does not bring good memories for me, I had rumbling appendices when I went on Holidays there as child.

  2. The pier is So lovely with it's pretty lace-work ... I guess the downside is No sand!

  3. It is quite a grand pier. It is very sad when they are left to rot or burn down. Almost as sad is when the boards are removed and a concrete deck built.

  4. The pier is looking in pretty good shape. Pebble beaches fascinate me as we don't have them here. My brother used to run the post office and store in Eastbourne many years ago.

  5. The pier looks still rather well. They are disappearing I think, it is a joy from the past. We have only one in Scheveningen and it is in a bad condition. Nobody wants to repair it and I think it will be demolished. It is sad, I liked the grandeur it had in the past times.

  6. It all looks rather sedate and gentile... which is OK in my book! The pier looks super. I hope that your enjoyed the tennis. A big two weeks coming up for you!

  7. A pier! I love them. Lovely shots.

  8. I have plenty of pictures on my travel blog ! In about one months I will be there for 7 days ! Youpee !


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