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Friday, 28 June 2013

Greenwich Fair 2013

The annual  Greenwich Fair festival took place this week in different parts of Greenwich. Here at the Old Royal Naval College there were a number of different performances happening from dance, theatre, circus and other forms of street art. The festival is free and with the sun shining it was a great place for a picnic.

On the previous day this whale was in the Thames with rescue teams practising the best way of getting it back out to sea but today it was having a rest on the lawn.


  1. I love a good street fair. That's not a real whale is it???

  2. I have to ask about that whale too. I really looks real!

  3. That's not a real whale, is it? If so, it's dead!

  4. Some how I can't see them dumping a dead whale on the grass at Greenwich and if it was dead where are the gulls and crows pecking carcass. Nice story

  5. What a fun fair ... I do love that hat rack but the beached whale needs to flubber his way back to sea.

  6. I' checking back, hoping to hear the real story of the whale!

    1. I think it is made from fibre glass but there was a serious side to it being put in the Thames. A few years ago a whale was stranded in the Thames and they couldn't get it back out to sea before it died. Since then they have done a lot of research looking at how to handle the situation better if it occurred again.This was an opportunity to try out the theory.


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