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Sunday, 16 June 2013

Andy Murray

One item on my bucket list was to watch Andy Murray play at Queens. Why here? you might ask and not Wimbledon. Well the simple answer is I have never managed to get a ticket for Wimbledon. Not strictly true , I suppose , as I did get an Olympic ticket for the tennis at Wimbledon for No 1 court but Murray was playing on Centre Court. All the top 4 players will always be allocated either Centre or No 1 court in the Grand Slams. Wimbledon is one of the most difficult of the Grand Slams to obtain a ticket as ordinary folk can only get them via a public ballot, hence my idea of seeing him at a smaller tournament.

Last year I visited Madrid to hopefully see him play but he was injured and didn't take part in that tournament so my hopes rested on Queens this year. After the disappointment of not seeing Andy  play on Wednesday due to the weather, I decided to see if I could get a ticket for the centre court on Friday. When I had checked last week all the tickets had been sold but on Thurs afternoon I couldn't believe my luck as some more appeared on the website and I was lucky enough to get one for the quarter finals on Friday. I was a bit concerned about the unpredictable weather but I needn't have worried as the day just got sunnier and sunnier.

I arrived at the court quite early although not as early as this lady who, despite the low temperature, was getting ready for some serious sunbathing.

My seat was next to the BBC cameras and commentary box.

Here are the commentators, Peter Fleming and Andrew Castle taking a breather from being inside their tiny  box.

Andy Murray was playing Benjamin Becker in the 3rd quarter final. Prior to their match I saw Cilic beat Berdych and Hewitt beat Del Potro. They were very close matches. By now every seat was taken as we were all waiting to see Murray.

Murray was playing Bejamin Becker. I had watched Becker beat Rolos(this is the player who knocked Nadal out of Wimbledon last year) so I knew he was a good grass court player.

I find Murray's style of play exciting to watch and wasn't disappointed. He won the match and went on to beat Tsonga in the semi finals yesterday. Today I will be glued to the TV watching the finals.

This week I am off to Eastbourne to watch the women in action at a tournament there but even more thrilling is that my daughter was successful in the Wimbledon ballot (I wasn't) and has given me a ticket to watch the men's semi-finals on Centre court!


  1. Lucky you - what super seats! And now you have Wimbledon to look forward too as well.
    I like Murray but I find him infuriating and difficult to watch as he usually makes hard work of it! Good luck to him for today.

  2. What a co-incidence! See tomorrow's post. I have heard Andy's mother is interesting, Ma Murray. Go the Rafa.

  3. Not sure how I came across you, but thanks for the reminder about today's match - I shall be watching now.

  4. I know little to nothing about tennis, but I'm sure glad you had such a fine time.

  5. I was glad to see Hewitt win his match, he hasn't been doing all that well lately. It must be so difficult being 'pro' anything these days, so much pressure. You really enjoy the tennis Fun60, glad you got to see Andy Murray..at last :)

  6. I used to play Tennis when I was 20, and later I watched my son playing, but now I have lost interest and only watch occasionally, I think I stopped with Boris Becker and Steffi Graf !
    I will be in Eastbourne too, but much later probably around the 25th July.

  7. Well that is great you got the tickets. I am not such a keen tennis watcher as you, but so now and then I watch Federer and Nadal and the women if they dont't shout so badly. It is horrible to listen to and not necessary at all I think.

  8. Way to go you managed to see him.

  9. Fun collection...can't wait for Wimbledon.


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