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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Highlights from London Squares

Here are some of my favourite views from the squares I visited last week. The Squares are all part of the Grovenor estate which is responsible for the landscape and maintenance  of these squares.

History of the Grovenor estate taken from its website: The family's ownership of the London Estate dates back to the marriage of Mary Davies to Sir Thomas Grosvenor in 1677.  Mary inherited an area known as the Five Fields (500 acres situated north of the Thames and to the west of the City of London) which today are occupied by Mayfair, Belgravia and Pimlico.

This landholding remained largely untouched by the family until the 1720s when a decision was taken to develop the northern part - now known as Mayfair – around a new Grosvenor Square.  A few generations later, in the 1820s, the focus shifted to what is now Belgravia, and work began to develop Eaton Square, Chester Square and many other famous London addresses

This is the laburnan archway in full flower in Warwick square. This and many other squares was designed by Thomas Cundy.

                                                                 A very secluded seat

Chester Square.
These rules apply to all the private squares.

This tree with its bottle shaped trunk is the Oriental Plane.

In Eaton Square there was live music from a steel band

There were many sculptures in this large square.


  1. Brilliant what wonderful looking gardens, wish I could get mine looking like them.

  2. When I first moved to London I was delighted to find so many little parks until I realised that their gates were locked and reserved for the few lucky ones.Still they are wonderful to look at.
    And To answer your question about having problems reading your blog : No I have no difficulties.
    Have a good week!

  3. Wonderful pictures. I enjoyed reading the list of rules, all of which make sense! :-)

  4. It must have been a treat to visit these private gardens.

  5. Three months in London and we barely scratched the surface. These are all new -- and wonderful information and photographs. Thanks!

  6. What pretty areas! Thanks for sharing your photos.

  7. Beautiful areas of green ..... London is good at retaining these gorgeous little park/squares.

  8. Lovely gardens... and well captured by you. I especially like the odd shaped tree trunk and the laburnan walk.

  9. I enjoyed this peek inside a private garden through your photos this morning. I always try to sneak a peak when I wander by one of these peaceful and beautiful places in the city.

  10. seem to be an interesting place. :)

  11. Beautiful shots from London Square. Very picturesque.

  12. Only 9 commandments!!! They all look so peaceful - and I particularly like the 2nd shot!!

  13. This is FUN, but that is your story! Lovely shots.


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