Saturday, 21 July 2012

The torch arrives in London

As many of you know the weather in England has been much wetter than normal. In fact we have had nothing but rain for the last 3 months with flooding in a number of areas throughout the country.

Today is the day the Olympic Torch is arriving in London from its journey around the country. I really wanted to go and see it as I will not be able to watch the torch bearers running through my local area as I will be working that day.
You can see from this photo how the roads now have streams of water running down them. Nevertheless I donned my waterproofs and went into town.

What a difference an hour makes!. The sun was shining and I could actually see beautiful blue skies above Tower Bridge.

At About 8pm you could hear the helicopters arriving. This one is carrying the flame over Tower Bridge.
The helicopter hovered above the Tower Of London and if you look carefully you can see a member of the Royal Marines abseiling down the rope carrying the flame.

Once the flame had been handed over the helicopters left.

If you look through the archway of the tower you can just about make out the flame which is now being carried by torch into the Tower where it will be guarded for the night until it continues on its journey tomorrow.


  1. Wow, you made beautiful photos. Lucky you went out to see it all in spite of the weather.

  2. Very auspicious that it cleared up just in time for the torch! I hope this is a good sign. Half of the USA is in drought and we in the Pacific Northwest are like the UK: having a wetter than normal period.

  3. Awesome photos. I saw it on TV ---but I'm sure being there is much better. Thanks!!!

  4. Wonderful shots of the city.

  5. Amazing shots!

    My sister has been complaining about the weather in the UK for months now! She too got up very early and in the rain to see the Torch go by, in her case Colchester.

    I'm FINISHED!!! I had promised myself I would go through all your posts (which are wonderful!) before the Olympics started so I could live it all through you as you post it! Now I'm even more excited for things to start on Friday! :o)


  6. How exciting to be there in person. We saw it on TV. Glad the sun came out for this dare devil act. It is fun following the Olympics from an on the spot blogger.

  7. Thanks for sharing the experience with us. I bet London and its surrounds are just a buzz of excitement as the opening day draws nearer. I'll be watching from my armchair! Are you planning to attend any of the events?

  8. I enjoyed looking at your photos. It makes me want to go back - such an exciting place to be right now too! Thanks for taking part in Mandarin Orange Monday :)

  9. I have to catch up your posts about the Olympic games ! I saw this on TV ! Amazing and so special, I think that never happens ! The poor Greeks had to ran in sandals, lol !

  10. What great shots of the Thames and the Tower and the Bridge.


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