Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Settling into the Village

This is inside the main dining room at the Village where the Athletes eat. It has different areas each with a different kind of food:- African, European, Asian, Halal, British and of course McDonalds. I stand outside the hall and check that the Athletes and officials have the correct ID to go inside and eat. On Monday one of the athletes from the Hong Kong team was also outside the dining room greeting all the athletes as they went inside. He was there over 4 hours and I couldn't work out why. My curiosity obviously got the better of me and I went over and asked him what he was doing. Although he didn't speak English  I realised that he was hoping to exchange the souvenir badges or pins with athletes from other nations. Unfortunately he wasn't that successful as the other athletes thought he was just being really friendly.

This week I have been working the early shift from 6am - 4.30pm so have felt really exhausted as I have to leave home at 4.45am and don't get back until after 6pm. But today I decided to wander around the village before I went home to see what was new. This is 'The Globe' an entertainment area for the athletes. We are not allowed in but I had a quick  peek inside. It has lots of video machines and table football machines. It also as a cinema to keep the athletes entertained.

This leads to the Plaza area where there's a bank; a Samsung shop where athletes can make free calls home; internet cafe: beauty salon; post office and a general store.

In the Post office they had a display of the commemorative stamps that have been issued for the Games. I thought they made a great display. There are 30 altogether - I couldn't resist buying a set.

The village has been built next to the Olympic Park so the athletes are very close to the sporting venues. This evening before coming home I was standing here looking across at the stadium and I could hear the music being played as they rehearsed the opening ceremony. As I am in the paralympic opening I have been given a ticket for the dress rehearsal of the Olympic opening ceremony next week so I am really excited about that.


  1. So neat that you are RIGHT THERE in the thick of it. I feel very privileged to be following your blog during this time... Yayy! :-)

  2. This is so awesome and is the closest I've ever gotten to an Olympic Village... I know you are really enjoying being a part of all of this... I see your photos and realize that the area will be FULL of PEOPLE very soon... How exciting. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thats a long day ... but I'm sure the privilege of being able to see the opening ceremony rehearsal would make up for the long hours. What a great atmosphere and even more so once the athletes arrive and the action begins.

  4. I hope so the weather will improve and the sporters can use the chairs outside. It all looks very well, the food court is huge. Great you get the privilege to join the rehearsal.

  5. It is great to be able to follow the action from your blog. It must be exciting but tiring.

  6. Wow, thanks for the inside view. It doesn't compare to your experience of the Olympics bu one of my highlights of my life was being a Marshall at the Golf US Open a few years ago here in Tulsa. I stood next to Tiger Woods, Sergio Garcia and other golf greats from around the world. Worked long hours but I loved every minute of it.

  7. Thanks to you I am able to see what is going on inside an Olympic village ! I had never seen that, and as I am not interested in sports I never watched Olympic games, but seeing all this is very very interesting ! Thanks for the excellent reportage !

  8. Hi there - that sounds like a very long shift - but you should be able to get some great early morening sky shots on the way to "work"! That’s if it ever stops raining!

    Cheers - Stewart M

  9. Woah! That sure is a long shift! If they're all like that you will be exhausted and ready for a holiday when the Olympics are over!

    How exciting to be able to participate in it all, and how wonderful for us that you're sharing it! :o) FUN!!!

    Was surprised at the McDonald's though... I thought athletes were supposed to eat HEALTHY! :p


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