Friday, 27 July 2012

The opening ceremony

On Wednesday I was fortunate to go to the technical dress rehearsal of the opening ceremony. Not wanting to spoil the surprise I will just say that I thoroughly enjoyed it and was wowed by some of the special effects. Here is a taster of what people can expect when they arrive in the Olympic Park.

There are banks of wild flowers everywhere, specially grown to flower during the games.

Around the stadium is a ring of golden flowers which you can only see from the air. On the ground though the flowers are just beautiful.

Crossing the bridge over the river which takes you into the Olympic Stadium.

Made it! Ever since we knew the Olympics were coming to London I made a promise to myself that somehow I would get into the Stadium. This was the moment I had been waiting for and it was well worth the waiting.

Thank -you for all the enquiries about my son. He has now recovered and is back at work. I do not seem to have picked up the virus so will hopefully return to the Village on Monday. Meanwhile I will use the opportunity to go into London and see what is happening there.


  1. Hi there - hope you have a great couple of weeks! We will have to get up very early (or stay up very late!) to watch things live, but you never know.

    Cheers - Stewart M

  2. It must be all very exciting for you and the whole of England as well as other Olympic countries as the time moves ever closer to the opening ceremony. It will be 5.00am for us on Sat. The flowers are stunning and your excitement of being in the stadium is radiating from your post. Let the games begin.

  3. That looks wonderful with all the flowers. Glad you could join this expierience. So sad to hear about your son's illness, but a mother heart is always beating. Glad he is better now and hope you can return to your job. I am sitting in front of the tv this evening to watch the opening, so exciting.

  4. Those wildflowers are stunning! I'd love to see them from the air, although I'm happy enough to see them any way at all! Thanks for bringing me into the Olympic stadium with you.

  5. Hi There, We are watching the Olympic Opening Ceremonies tonight and enjoying it TREMENDOUSLY.... So glad you showed pictures from inside the stadium.. That's awesome... AND the wildflowers are terrific... I know you are so so so proud of your country. Great job.

  6. I am in Eastbourne now and yesterday evening we watched the opening ! It was absolutely great ! I had never watched an opening because they are usually boring but here it was so plenty of humor and what a performance ! I can't find the words, I was very very impressed ! I loved the arrival of the Queen, Mr. Bean, and the dancing nurses ! What a performance !!


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