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Sunday, 28 December 2014

Manchester Ship Canal

Walking by the River Irwell in Manchester, during the Summer, I had a look around the small churchyard of St Catherine's and came across this large family grave in a rather overgrown part of the graveyard.
Marshall Stevens founded the Manchester Ship Canal which enabled large ships to come inland to Manchester, a large industrial city. When the canal opened in 1894 it was the largest navigable river canal in the world and soon the Port of Manchester although 40 miles from the sea became Britain's third busiest port.

I wonder if the memorial was placed on higher ground so that it would look down over the River Irwell which formed part of the Manchester Ship Canal.

The canal is very different these days being more at home to leisure activities.


  1. People who accomplish such great things in their lives should be memorialized.

  2. Fantastic place for walking and relaxing

  3. I really like your last shot. Nice sunset!

  4. Enjoyed the visit with you. Nice shots.

  5. Nice pictures, but that sunset picture is stunning. Thanks for being such a faithful blogger. :-)

  6. That is interesting piece of history. The river looks lovely in your photos

  7. It looks so peaceful now, it's hard to imagine it being such a busy port. It's beautiful at sunset.


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