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Sunday, 6 May 2012

Protecting the Olympics.

Yesterday the peace of a Saturday afternoon was disturbed by the sound of Typhoon fighter jets flying over London. This is a an unusual sound over the city as we are more familiar with jumbo jets going overhead. It is all part of the security measures which are being put in place for the Olympics.

HMS Ocean, a Royal Navy helicopter carrier is now docked in the Thames at Greenwich. It is quite a sight to see such a ship in the middle of the Thames. There are even ground to air missiles stationed around the capital as a deterrent  against the possibility of an air attack during the Games. What a sad time we live in!


  1. How sad that in peacetime we have to take security measures for events like the Olympic Games. The world has become a sadder place since the advent of widespread terrorism globally...

  2. I have friends who are traveling to London soon, and they are so excited. I told them about your blog, but I can also send her links when you provide them. Thanks for being such a good cyber friend! :-)

  3. It is sad such measures are considered necessary... :s


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