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Friday, 11 May 2012

Botanical gardens Madrid

These beautiful gardens near the centre of Madrid make a wonderful escape from the crowds and traffic. 

The irises were huge

This was where we could refill our water bottles. It did say the water was drinkable so I'm sure I'll be OK tomorrow!
This statue was in the 'Peace garden'.

Opposite the botanical gardens was this amazing vertical garden. My photo has not really done it justice.


  1. That vertical garden is amazing. It rained every day that I was in Madrid.

  2. Beautiful! Those are indeed the biggest iris I've seen! And all the pictures are a feast for the eyes, thank you!

  3. Love the vertical garden! Reading your profile, I've been in Beijing (2007), but I chose to paint plein air while hubby and son climbed those thousands of stairs:):)

  4. I've got a couple of photos of that vertical garden from my last trip to Madrid! It really impressed me! :o)


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