Thursday, 31 May 2012

Pride and Prejudice at Lyme Hall

Every month I go and visit Mum who is in a nursing home in Manchester. Weather permitting we always go out and about. This time was no exception as the weather was perfect for a jaunt in the country. I decided to take both Mum and my daughter to Lyme Park in Cheshire. Mum and I had visited there almost 50 years ago so I could hardly say I knew the area. Laura was delighted when I told her it was where the BBC production of Pride and Prejudice was filmed (the one with Colin Firth).

All the outdoor scenes were filmed here. Who could forget the scene of Mr D'Arcy diving into the lake! It was a feast for the eyes.

The lake in front of the house is called 'Reflection Lke' for obvious reasons.

Mum fancied her chances with an  acting role!

Croquet on the lawn. A game I have never tried before but I could see the attraction, even Mum got in on the act.


  1. You are so fortunate to have your Mum. Mine has gone away, it's been so long but I can still enjoy YOURS! :-)

  2. That must have been a very nice day for your Mum and apparently you had a lot of fun too. We have a croquet game and used to play a lot in our garden. I like it !

  3. Ooooh! I want to go there! That scene was indeed memorable! ;o)

    What a fun outing you guys had! I have vague memories of playing croquet once or twice as a child...


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