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This is it! I've given up work -retired from the rat race and am about to start on a 10 year adventure, doing all those things I've been meaning to do but never had the time to do them. I've offloaded my responsibilities and it is now my time. So follow my adventures and see whether I actually manage anything!

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Prado Museum

Another reason for visiting Madrid was to visit the Prado Art Gallery. I wasn't disappointed. It was easy to find your way around the galleries armed with an information leaflet showing the museum's most famous paintings and which rooms to visit to view them. So in a relatively short time it was possible to see the best of the Goyas, Velasquez, Rubens and Murillos. Fantastic!

Oysters galore.
Delicious fruit
Wandering around the back streets I stumbled across an amazing indoor food market.
Lots of ham on sale here

In the evening I managed to get involved in a demonstration in the main square protesting about the economic crisis in Spain. Apparently there were 100,000 people in the square - Puerta del Sol. Fortunately I managed to get back to the hotel safely although I heard that the demonstration went on well into the night.


  1. Being right in the thick of things there in Spain, it seems. Love the demonstration pictures, it really does feel like everyone is ready for something to happen.

  2. I haven't been to the Prado in ages! I don't remember it very well (whereas the Louvre is burnt into my memory). It's good they have a leaflet guide that allows you to see the highlights in short order! Otherwise visiting the entirety of the museum is a whole day's affair!

    That was probably a protest organised by the 15-M movement, Spain's "Indignados". Things are probably going to start up again soon with President Rajoy's announcement yesterday of budget cuts and increased taxes... :s


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