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This is it! I've given up work -retired from the rat race and am about to start on a 10 year adventure, doing all those things I've been meaning to do but never had the time to do them. I've offloaded my responsibilities and it is now my time. So follow my adventures and see whether I actually manage anything!

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Madrid Tennis Open

Am visiting Madrid for a few days and today went to the Madrid Tennis Open. Saw some amazing games on the new blue clay courts.  This is court number 2 where I saw Dogopolov beat Tsonga. Del Potro defeat Ciric but the most exciting game was the one between the 2 spaniards that was so close with David Ferrer beating Nico Almagro  by 8:6 in a tie break.

It was very hot today so they frequently hosed down the cour.t
Del Potro in action
This is the first time I have used my new netbook  whilst abroad. Seems to take me a little while longer to write anything but hopefully I'll get the hang of it soon.


  1. That must have been exciting to watch. the costs look super. Do you play tennis?

  2. Isn't it nice to have something to take so you can check email and blog while traveling? I am enjoying your adventures here, there and everywhere. :-)

  3. How did the blue clay seem to you? There was a lot of criticism against it in the press here!

    Lucky you for getting to see such great matches! I had the good fortune to see Nadal (and others) play in Roland Garros 5 years ago and LOVED it! But haven't been able to go to another big tennis competition since then... Hopefully the perfect combination of money+opportunity will come along soon! :o)


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