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Monday, 21 May 2012

Postman's park

Since returning from Madrid I am back to my walks around London looking for interesting places to photograph and research. Today I was walking around the City of London and came across the Postman's park.

 It is in the middle of office buildings in between St Paul's Cathedral and the Museum of London. The park was named after the many postmen who used to visit it during their lunch breaks as the General Post Office was next door to the park.Noe the garden is a peaceful refuge for workers from the surrounding offices.

 More than that though, the park contains hundreds of tributes to people who have made the ultimate sacrifice losing their lives to save others. The brainchild of painter  G F Watts, the park's centrepiece is a sheltered wall, embossed with hand-lettered Royal Doulton tiles, each one commemorating amazing acts of bravery. Many of the plaques have amazing art nouveau borders. They make for an interesting read.


  1. The tiles tell poignant tales.

  2. Hi there - I have been a fan of London (sorry!) - but all these little hidden corners are chipping away at me preconceptions/ misconceptions!


    Stewart M - Australia

  3. What a fascinating place!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  4. I saw this place on TV long ago, but now I've had a chance to visit, even if only virtually. Thank you! :-)

  5. Wow this is the kind of signs that is worth reading and pondering about. The place looks very peaceful.

    Kim, MI

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  6. What a beautiful park with wonderful tributes to the bravery of ordinary people. Thank you for taking us there and sharing some of the plaques with us.

    Thanks, too, for visiting my site.

  7. The park itself is a nice tribute to the brave acts of ordinary people and must be an oasis for the office workers around there. I’m glad to have a glimpse into London.

  8. What a wonderful park, not only for its beauty and peacefulness ---and for a place for the post office people to eat lunch, etc., but for the tributes around there. That is awesome. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Interesting post on this amazing place!

  10. Both beautiful and interesting ... lovely photos!

  11. A peaceful and beautiful place! Fitting spot for those tributes.


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