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Thursday, 2 July 2015

Gastown, Vancouver

Gastown, Vancouver is the older more historic part of town with its many heritage buildings. It is built next to the waterfront and developed as a seaport and centre for trade and commerce in the 1880s. Soon many warehouses began to spring up along the waterfront. However much of it was destroyed in The Great Vancouver fire of 1886. It was rebuilt during the boom years of the 1900s and has now become a magnet for tourists with its many restaurants, cafes and individual shops.

Inside one of the buildings known as 'The Landing'

Thought it unusual to have this staircase at the front of the building.

These two heritage buildings built in the 1880s were once general supply stores for loggers, miners, fishermen from all over the Province.

The triangular building at Maple Tree Square. The city's first saloon bar was built in this Square for the sawmill workers.

Next to Gastown is Chinatown. You can still see the old Chinese buildings.

The familiar gateway into Chinatown.

We returned in the evening to have a meal and to see the steam clock, which is run entirely by steam. Built in 1977, it isn't old but the explosion of steam it emits every 15 minutes is well worth waiting for as were the Westminster chimes of Big Ben that you can hear every hour.


  1. When I was there for business, wish I'd had time to play tourist.

  2. We didn't spend much time in Vancouver but we did go to China town for lunch and to make some purchases to take home to Sarah.

  3. Beautiful old buildings and that view framed by the large window is stunning - well done for capturing it. Is the stair case an original fire escape perhaps?

  4. A steam clock, I have never heard of one of those. It looks quite impressive though.

  5. I remember the steam clock, we had diner next to it and we heard the music many times.

  6. That's a great capture of the steam! What a fine time you've been having. I love Vancouver but have never been to Gaston. :-)

  7. It looks a bit like Europe with these old buildings ! Certainly very interesting to walk around.

    We were invited by the mayoress to a Cocktail for the volunteers ! Was fun (photos on my blog)

  8. Your photo from inside The Landing is amazing. Love the window. Yes, I think that staircase if a 'fire escape'. Another wonderful collection...would love to visit there. (How many times have I said that :). PS Sandringham is so easy to get to from Coventry, especially on a Sunday.

  9. I missed this part of Vancouver. China town looks great.

  10. I saw the title of this post on My Feedly (trying to catch up a bit) and had to come read it... We loved Gastown! Once we stayed in an old apartment hotel kind of on the edge of it (might not still be there)...but we really enjoyed it all. This was long before we had traveled out of the West let alone to England, so this was a very different experience . I'd love to visit again!


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