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Friday, 9 November 2012

The Orchid Garden

At the top of my list of places to visit in Singapore was the Orchid Garden in the Singapore Botanical gardens.

 I wasn't disappointed by what I saw. It was much larger than I expected and contained a huge range of orchids.
The variety, colours and size of the orchids were extraordinary. I set out to find the one that had been specially created for Princess Diana who tragically died before seeing it. The orchid was on the news more recently when her son Prince William and his wife, Kate,visited the gardens and were shown the orchid.

It was in the VIP orchid garden which holds the specially created flowers for visiting Heads of State and other famous people. The orchid was pure white but with a hint of pink at the centre.

I couldn't resist the photo opportunity.

Look at these spectacular colours

As you can imagine I took hundreds of photos.

Fortunately some came out OK


  1. Those orchids are GORGEOUS!!! You definitely got some lovely photos of them!
    I wouldn't mind having an orchid garden in my house...

  2. They have the most amazing collection of orchids that I have ever seen. These ones are super and especially the orchid for Princess Diana. I found it extremely hot and humid in the orchid garden.

  3. What colourful buildings and flowers. And those sculptures - so full of joy!


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