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Sunday, 18 November 2012

Hole in one

I think this must be the most unusual way of practising golf I've ever seen but I know there will be many of you out there who can outdo me!

 And what are they aiming at?

The perfect hole in one. There is a monetary prize for anyone that gets a hole in one. Your shot is also analysed so you know how far long or short you are of the hole. Apparently each week a group of local divers go out to collect the golf balls.


  1. LOL, I wonder how many balls go into the water. Did you give it a try? Happy Sunday!

  2. That sure would be a challenge and a sure way to lose balls.

  3. Certainly a course with an extra challenge! Maybe it's just an excuse to enjoy the views.....or use your old golf balls.

  4. My sister and brother in law would love this...they're golfers and fanatics; even sponsoring tournaments and traveling to places around the world to golf.

  5. A nice way to get out of balls. I keep amazed what some people do for entertainment.

  6. What an amazing golf course! LOL.

    Love those vibrant leaf shots.

  7. Crazy! But sounds like fun!

    I wonder what the seabed looks like with all those golf balls lying around... :p


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