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Thursday, 8 November 2012

Gardens by the Bay

After viewing Singapore from the top of Sands hotel I went down to have a closer look at the Gardens by the Bay. I was interested to see what the tall structures were in the middle of the gardens,

 They are in fact called Supertrees :

When you get close to them you realise just how big they are. To give you an idea of the scale if you look closely at the photo you can see some people on the walkway.

Eventually the structures will be completely covered in plants.

I was fascinated by this box which had the address of Kew Botanical Gardens.. The explanations around the gardens were very clear and informative.

Here are just a few more photos of the gardens:

 I didn't go into the plant house or the cloud garden as large numbers of schoolchildren were visiting at the time.


  1. Those supertrees are AMAZING!!! Very cool! :o)

  2. That looks new since I was there. What a great place.

  3. A cloud garden - sounds delightful!

    Love all your shots and that one of the flamingos is stunning!


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