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Wednesday, 9 October 2013

The Crutched Friars

Crutched Friars is a street in the city of London close to the Tower of London. So named as this was where a monastery was founded in 1249. The monastery remained until it was destroyed in the Great Fire of London in 1666. The official name of the friars was the Canons regular of the Order of the Holy Cross. They always carried a staff with a cross on the top hence the name - Crutched Friars. At the corner of the street is a cavity with the statues of two friars.

The building is now home to the Lloyds Club.


  1. Another great bit of history I never knew but if I pass will know what was one there. Love this little bits of trivia you tell us about

  2. Interesting street --and history.... Interesting how the street got its name... I love seeing the statue of the friars.


  3. This one we saw! And loved. Wonderful memories (and dreams of returning) whether you show something we saw or something we missed.

    And PS: really enjoyed reading your comment about 'snowbirds'....it does seem like sometimes we don't speak the same language doesn't it! ;>)

  4. Cool statues and great history lesson!

  5. What a nice statues and interesting story to it.

  6. That sounds familiar to me and I guess I have seen these statues.


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