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Saturday, 23 August 2014

Polesdon Lacey National Trust #18

My visit to a National Trust property a few weeks ago had a dual purpose. Firstly I had never visited Polesdon Lacey before and secondly trying out a sat nav which was a present from my children as they try and drag me into the 21st cent. Using a sat nav is not on my bucket list but maybe I should have included it as it has taken me a long time to agree to use one. Much prefer a traditional map although trying to drive and navigate when you are alone in the car is not easy.

I chose this property as it seemed a little out of the way and I would have to put my trust into technology. Well I got there. It did seem to take a long time and I only went wrong once but the well spoken lady from the sat nav put me back onto the correct road in no time.

Polesdon Lacey is an Edwaedian house in Surrey. It was redesigned in 1906 by Mrs Greville as her country estate. She used it to  entertain royalty and politicians.
The future King George VI and Queen Elizabeth (the present Queen's mother and father) spent part of their honeymoon here in 1923.

The house looks out over the rolling hills of the North Downs

The house has a wide collection of art and ceramics.

As you would imagine there are extensive grounds and gardens surrounding the house.

The kitchen garden

Mrs Greville's final resting place.


  1. While it is large and grand, I can almost imagine living in Polesdon Lacey, almost. Sat navs are good, but not foolproof. I like to check a map first and have a mental picture of where I am going.

  2. That is a beautiful place, must remember and visit sometime. SatNav is no good for Farnham castle, post code takes you to a different point. Make sure you look at th emap as well before you go anywhere, then you have a good idea where you are.

  3. Fabulous pictures of a stunning place indeed. I recently changed the voice on Siri (which I use for sat nav) to have an English accent. I think it will sound like you do, eh? :-)

  4. Faboulous collections and house, also parc, a place for visit,Greeting from Belgium


  5. I'm in awe of that kitchen garden and can only imagine the kitchen to cook it all up in! What a beautiful place house and grounds.

  6. The NT is such a wonderful institution!

    Sat Navs - when they are good, they are good: but when they are bad……….

    Glad you liked the wordy posy, which of course you helped form!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  7. What a beautiful picturesque place...I cannot imagine...:)JP

  8. Fantastic place and surroundings nice to see personally.

  9. With enough personal I would love to live there ! Looks beautiful ! The garden reminds me a bit of R. Kipling's property. I love my satnav ! Couldn't live without it, I am unable to read a map, I never know where I am. Ever since I have my satnav I feel like a blind who got a dog to show him the way !

  10. Oh wow I would have liked her to entertain me there....Beautiful!

  11. I love Polesdon Lacey, it was my playground when I was growing up and I still return if I am in the area. :)

  12. Sure looks like a place fit for royalty. Beautiful. We have a GPS (same thing I guess as SatNav). When I drive by myself, I like it because I can get lost in a closet. Bill argues with our 'well spoken lady') and half the time refuses to follow her directions. And darn it, he is usually right!)


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