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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

The Lamb and Flag

For centuries the pub has been a part of British life and here in London we have some of the most interesting and oldest ones. I am no expert on beers but I do like the atmosphere and as many of them now serve food they make an ideal alternative to cafes and restaurants. This week I visited The Lamb and Flag.

It's not the easiest to find as it is at the end of an alleyway.

This alleyway leads you towards Covent Garden which is probably the closest tube station. The pub is quite small on the inside. The ground floor is the main bar area and then you go up the old winding wooden staircase to the restaurant. In here you will find a huge open fire in its original fireplace. There has been a pub here for over 350 years but as with many of these old buildings, a great deal was rebuilt in the 1890s. It is very cosy inside especially at this time of the year. The food is very British such as fish and chips, sausage and mash etc. but very tasty. I had chocolate cake and ice cream for dessert and the portion was huge. It was enough for all three of us but unfortunately we didn't know that when we ordered 3 desserts so we had to leave quite a bit behind. My mouth is watering now as I think about it. I know I should have taken a picture but I was too busy enjoying the ambience, food and company.

The street lamp outside the pub is a gas lamp. You can see the 4 gas mantles inside the lamp. Since coming across them in Hyde Park (0andthenext10.blogspot.co.uk/2013/01/police-house-hyde-park.html)
I seem to be noticing them everywhere.


  1. My partner remembers the lamp lighters in England going about their duties as night fell. Cheaper now to just leave them on, I suppose.

  2. Damn I really need a trip to London!

  3. Pub names are so imaginative aren't they?! I wonder what the 'flag' represents? AND ... at least there was too much dessert - it's WAY worse when there's not enough!!

  4. It looks a very nice place to have lunch by the open fire and so old! I remember having lunch in a pub in Edinburgh with fish and chips and it was very good.

  5. I love the old gaslight and would LOVE to be around a pub so I could enjoy it, too. Going via your blog is a very dim second best! :-)

  6. I drink only little but these photos made me feel like visiting antique and atmospheric pubs.


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