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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Mount Street Park

I came across this fascinating small  garden as I was walking back from Hyde Park to Charing Cross. Although not actually hidden away, it wasn't that obvious from the road. It was just a small passageway that then opened out into this green space surrounded by a school, large apartment blocks and two churches.

This sculpture was a present from the President of the Italian Republic in 1987

As I walked around this tiny garden I noticed that the benches all had plaques on them. All of a sudden this garden took on a completely different life.

This small piece of London has meant so much to people from all around the world. Each bench told a different story of people I will never meet but feel I know. A very special garden indeed.


  1. Those small parks are wonderful. I remember one we came across, in Sussex Gardens, Paddington, I think. It was very well used and well maintained, but without the plaques. I supposed people donate to get a plaque on a bench.

    1. Yes it is quite common in a number of our parks for people to pay for a bench with a dedication.

  2. We also have some benches here in our parks to remember loved ones...I loved the scenery around the park also, the big red brick building so pretty.

  3. Amazing the things you find in London. It is a special little garden.

  4. Beautiful! One of the things I love about London are all the parks, big and small! :o)

  5. That's a nice parc. It is paid with the gifts of a personal bench or so. We don't know this in the Netherlands I think.

  6. What a lovely find, the benches with plaques in a tiny garden.

  7. Very nice little garden. As one plaque said, "sharing the love of English gardens" is very nice. Thank YOU for sharing it.

  8. What a wonderful to preserve memories!

  9. Here too people are paying for a bench in little parks. I have discovered several little parks in London, because I have no orientation sense and got lost several times, lol ! But I always found a tube station or a bus back home !


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