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Thursday, 17 January 2013

Police House Hyde Park

Hyde park is possibly one of the most famous parks in London. King Henry VIII acquired the land in 1536 from the monks of Westminster to use as a hunting ground. It wasn't until the 1630s that it became a public park under the reign of King Charles. It is quite a large park when you consider it is in the middle of London and today it is difficult to escape the joggers and cyclists.

But in the middle of the park is this lovely Queen Anne style building dating back to 1902. It is known as the Old Police House.

The parks have their own police force which is part of the Metropolitan Police ( London Police force) which have been around since the 1870s.

Outside is the familiar blue Police lamp posts which are not such a common sight these days.

This one has a crown on the top which I assume is there as we are in one of the Royal parks. Looking around I noticed other lamp posts.

This one looks like a gas lamp,

 which still exist in some parts of

 London. You can see the gas fittings and the crown

more clearly in the close up



  1. Gaslight! I remember reading about it but have never experienced it. I love that closeup and feel that maybe in a previous life I did experience it...

  2. I remember wondering about that building in Hyde Park. I liked the way that underneath large trees, the grass was left uncut.

  3. Love the architecture of the old Police House. Neat!!!! AND--I enjoyed seeing all of the lampposts... Very nice. Thanks!

  4. ait is great to have such a big green space in the middle of London. Good on King Charles. The old police building is so well kept. It is like a living museum.

  5. I've walked in Hyde Park often but never seen the old Police House .... I agree the park is really extensive.

  6. What a fitting idea having a royal crown as a decorative feature on top the old lamps. And the authentic gas lamps must cast wonderfully mysterious shadows with their flames.

  7. I recently got awarded the Liebster Award. One of the rules is that you pass it on to eleven people who have blogs -- so I've sent it on to you. The post is here:


  8. They dont build police houses are lamps any more! Nice pictures.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne.

    PS: sorry for slow reply - I been out of internet range in Tasmania!

  9. What a nice stroll through the park ! Never payed attention to this lovely building, but I also have to admit, that at that time I didn't photograph at all ! I only discovered and started to love it in 2006 !

  10. It's a beautiful park, and fantastic photos to accompany the walk!

  11. Lovely!
    I've only walked Hyde Park once, on my first trip to London over a decade ago. For some reason I never returned on subsequent visits... Next time I'm in London on a sunny weekend I will definitely go back for another visit! :o)

  12. Makes me want to go back to London!!


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