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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Flatford Mill

Flatford Mill in Suffolk, was owned by the father of John Constable  (1776-1837) the English landscape artist. Constable was expected to take over the family business but fortunately for us followed his passion for painting and became one of our most famous artists. The majority of his work was inspired by Suffolk scenes. He never went abroad preferring to  paint landscapes of Suffolk, Hampstead, Salisbury and Brighton.

Mill Stream - John Constable - www.john-constable.org

 'The Mill Stream'
 The best part of walking around the Mill was being shown where Constable had stood to sketch his landscapes.This is a copy of  his most famous painting The Hay-Wain (1820-21)

The cottage on the left of the painting is Willy Lott's House. Lott was a local farmer who bought Flatford Mill in 1846 from the Constable family and continued to mill there until early 1900.

This is the scene today.

Just down the lane from the Mill is Bridge Cottage, a four hundred year old building with a thatched roof. Tenants working for the Constable family lived here during the 18th and 19th Cent. Although  it looks spacious enough today, two families lived here.

A wooden bridge takes you from the cottage across the river Stour.

The local wildlife

A hornet's nest. Not wise to get too close.

Looking towards the village of Dedham where Constable went to school. You can just see Dedham church in the distance both in the painting and the photo.


  1. This is so cool! You are incredibly fortunate to live in such a historic place, with these kind of wonderful places. Thanks for sharing! :-)

  2. Could you sense the history in your bones. I'm with DJan...so cool

  3. How fun to see his paintings beside the scene he painted. I grew up seeing two of his paintings every day in our home, The Haywain and The Mill Stream. Always loved them.

  4. Nice spot. I would have thought vegetation would have grown so much the scenes would be very different to what was painted, but it seems not so different.

  5. What a beautiful place. I can see how it could inspire artwork!

  6. I like that so much to see where the painters had made their painting. So inspiring. Sometimes nothing has changed in the landscapes, amazing isn't it?

  7. A wonderful walk down history lane. Amazing to look at the old paintings and see the same locations and landmarks in front of you.

  8. Thank you for sharing photos of your visit. I imagined myself there looking at what you showed. :-)

  9. What a treat! Thank you for sharing this link with Constable - I do like his work. (Thank you too for visiting my blog)

  10. Yes -- so glad he followed his heart! How great to see the inspiration for so many of his works. Thanks for taking us on the tour!


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