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Saturday, 4 October 2014

Dedham Vale

 This is the walk to school, John Constable, the landscape artist, would have made to get to the village of  Dedham, through the beautiful Stour Valley.

A View On The Stour Near Dedham - John Constable - www.john-constable.org

This is the Grammar School he attended. The original school was granted a Royal Charter in 1575 by Elizabeth I

Inside the church is one of Constable's paintings. Quite unusual as it has a religious theme and doesn't look like a Constable at all. Apparently he painted 3 religious paintings for the the churches within the Stour Valley.

The Ascension by John Constable. (The painting is very high up on the wall - hence the angle of the photo).

The Church tower is featured in many of Constable's paintings.

The Stour-Valley with the Church of Dedham 1814 - John Constable - www.john-constable.org
The Stour Valley with the Church of Dedham.


  1. So nice to see all the places where he lived. We had an article in the paper about him yesterday.

  2. Now as I look at his paintings I'm going to be seeing in my mind the real places that Constable painted. His paintings always seemed to me dreamy/imaginary to me before I saw your photos.

  3. There was an art based game, maybe called Art Auction, and Constable featured in the game. If we see 'Tudor' in Australia, we sneeringly say, 'ah, mock Tudor'. It is difficult to get my head around real Tudor and take it seriously.

  4. very cool. Enjoyed the visit through your lens.

  5. Lovely and interesting pictures. I love pictures of nature.

  6. A great collection and tribute to him...:)JP

  7. Great to see what inspired him and to learn more of his life history.

  8. Wonderful photojournalism of your trip ~ Greats shots and felt like I went on the trip with you!

    artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)


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