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Tuesday, 28 October 2014

York Railway Museum

The National Railway Museum in York displays over 100 locomotives.

This is the Gladston. Built in 1882 it went into service in Brighton until 1883 and was finally withdrawn from service in 1926 after travelling 1,346,,918 miles. It was restored in 1977 to its original colours  and was decorated with the London Brighton and South Coast Railway Royal train headboard.


This carriage was used by Queen Adelaide, an aunt of Queen Victoria, in the 1840s. She was one of the first royals to travel by train, The carriage was designed for her and had extra room at one end so that she could lie down. No other special arrangements were made and the carriage was attached to an ordinary passenger train.

This was Queen Victoria's carriage and was used for her journeys from London to Scotland.

King Edward VII's coach with bathroom and smoking room.

This is the inside of one of the post trains where the post was sorted as it travelled overnight to its destination.

A replica of Stephenson's Rocket

The Mallard - On 3rd July 1938 it achieved a speed of 138 mph., the fastest speed ever achieved by a steam engine.


  1. wow , what nice photos. I love them..

  2. Oh my....this is all exceptional!!

  3. It can be very difficult to take photos in a train museum. You did well. Missed my chance to visit the museum when we changed trains at York. The Mallard, at 222 km/h. Very impressive.

  4. Wow---I would love to visit this museum. I have such a love for trains. My Dad worked for the railroad and we took vacations on the trains here in our country when they were important and running. When I was little, I would get to ride in the engine at times. SO special!!!!

    What an awesome museum. AND--the trains were so fancy for the royalty... WOW!!! Thanks for sharing.

  5. What an interesting museum! Love all the old trains and carriages.

  6. I've been to York but still have to visit the railway museum

  7. Oh, that would have been something for me ! I love these old trains !

  8. What a fancy train! I love your pictures showing how the "other side" lives. Or lived. I guess royalty doesn't travel by train any more. :-)

  9. I loved that museum! You did a nice job of photographing the car interiors.

  10. Those old trains look fantastic, I would love to sit on such a couch.

  11. Great museum, especially love the thought of Queen Victoria in her carriage ... Just so fun to imagine. The best thing really beside how elegant and at the sme time functional the cars are , is knowing that the RR system there is still vital! I wish it were here.


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