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Friday, 26 September 2014

Gherkin reflections

Reflections from inside the Gherkin

Sharing with James on the 5th birthday of Weekend Reflections


  1. That is a great reflection, looks almost like an ice floor.

  2. With all the probelms over security trying to stop people photographing the place I'm supprised they let you do it inside. Looks like some good views over London there.

  3. Interesting geometric shapes, inside and out.
    I'm replying from Heathrow, waiting for my flight home.

  4. Looks like a really great view of London from up their. I like all the angles and lines too. :-)

  5. Hi, We are home from a wonderful trip to Texas to see a couple of sons and families --AND some good friends. It was a terrific trip. Hope you have had a good week.

    Your reflection photos are TERRIFIC. I really enjoy seeing good reflection ones... These are GREAT.


  6. You had to wait a long time before reaching the place, but I think it was really Worth of it! Fabulous pics, here and below!

  7. So interesting and so different from anything I've ever seen (except I did see the outside of this building but only in passing). Now I am beginning to think that your wait in line was definitely worth it!

  8. I've wondered what the view from the Gherkin would be like, must have been amazing to stand there. Fabulous reflections.

  9. Very cool! I want to go there myself. :-)


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