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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Victorian Charity School

This is the church of St Botolph without Bishopsgate. There has been a church on this site from Saxon times and was first recorded in 1212. Although it did survive the Great fire of London in 1666, it fell into disrepair and was rebuilt in 1729. Little damage was done during the WW2 bombing but the IRA bomb in 1993 left the church with no doors or windows and only part of its roof. It took over 3 years to repair the church and bring it back to its former glory.

At the back of the church its burial grounds have now been converted to a public garden providing a peaceful spot for city workers or visitors to sit.

Also in the garden is St Botolph's Hall which was once a Victorian infant school. On either side of the entrance are Coade stone figures of a boy and girl dressed in early 19th C costumes.

Infront of the old school which is now used as the Church Hall is the large tomt of Sir William Rawlings (1752-1838), Sheriff of London in 1801and a benefactor of the church.

Around the corner from the church and its garden you are on Bishopsgate and if you look up you will notice a Bishop's Mitre high up on an office wall. This is to mark the site of Bishop's Gate, one of the original Roman city gates.


  1. Thanks for interesting information. The church is very impressive.

  2. Very interesting post. Thanks for sharing your photos and information.

  3. The statues of the children are sweet. And I like the lion feet on the planter atop the sheriff's grave. (At least I think they are lion feet.)

  4. enjoyed the history with the photos :)

  5. Another interesting place ! I was asked by my friends when the great fire was and couldn't remember, now I know again, lol !

  6. That's a great old church - it's a shame about the bombing.

  7. Lovely way to learn history -- thanks for sharing .. almost as good as finding it myself. Nice that the grounds are a public park now. I always think it was such a wonder how kids survived dressed like that (and whoever had to help them get dressed, wash their clothes etc>)

  8. You really do find interesting buildings and their history. I like the sculptures of the children as they were when it was a school.

  9. So neat that you met up with a fellow blogger! I have gotten to meet two so far.
    The church is beautiful. I enjoy learning the history of all of these places...Thanks, Janey


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