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Wednesday, 9 July 2014

London Festivals

There are numerous festivals that happen in and around London. Here are two that are on at the moment. In the city of London in Paternoster Square next to St Paul's Cathedral is this bowler hat.

It is part of the City of London Festival and is a theatre with different events and shows each day. The festival lasts for three weeks with over 250 live events, many of them free, throughout the City of London

Across the river on the South Bank outside the Royal Festival Hall there is a Festival of Love happening.

 It is based on seven Greek themes of love with artists creating special installations and interactive activities especially for the event. If, like me, you have no idea what the seven Greek themes are then read on.

 The rooms fountain is back. Jets of water shoot up to create rooms which then disappear. You can try and go from one room to another without getting wet.

 There was also a graduation taking place whilst I was looking around. So lots of people in their best finery mixing with the rest of us in our shorts and tee-shirts.

 These are three slides which were there to symbolise 'Storge' - family love.  Members of the public can use them and they are supposed to represent the ups and downs of family life!! I make no comment.

 This is the Temple of Agape - theme of humanity. Made up of coloured flags covered in words about love. The temple represents the power of love to conquer hate.

 These are giant streamers to celebrate the Japanese festival of Tanabata. The Tanabata legend focusses on two star crossed lovers.


  1. The bowler hat is amazing what a fun to organize festival there.

  2. Who knew there were seven! I could only name two, Eros and agape. I like the representation of family love -- pretty accurate.

  3. Love the bowler hat and all the colorful artwork!

  4. I like summer in the cities, there are so many festivals nowadays. This looks very interesting. That first ball intrigues me to go inside.

  5. Looks like a great display and the weather looks nice. What a pity 'pragma' and 'eros' are such difficult things to combine.

  6. Interesting festivals, Marie...Seems as if there are festivals for everyone, no matter what interest they may have. I love the Rooms Fountain... But--I'm sure I'd be very WET... Maybe in summer, getting wet would feel good!!!! ha


  7. I would love t see it all in person...but this is the next best way...thanks

  8. I like the idea of a festival of love. Should be more of it throughout the whole world but it is taking a long time to catch on if the Greeks were telling us thousands of years ago.

  9. So many fun things to see and do. I wish I were there too.

  10. What fun! You Brits know how to party, I always knew that. :-)

  11. Looks very celebratory. I love the fountains and all the colors.

  12. One of the joys of a BIG City -- a real City -- is the festivals and spontaneous (and often free) entertainment that is available. I love that you could just decide any day to go do something and something is there! Where we live, for anything besides nature, you have to make plans and set the date aside, buy the ticket.... etc. (But nature is usually enough for me anyway...just sometimes I'd like to spend more time in a City).


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