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Thursday, 27 February 2014

Last day on the Galapagos

 This was our last full day on the islands. Our walk this morning was on Punta Pitt. We set off early to walk up to the ridge to get to the other side of the island where the Red Footed Boobies were nesting. It made a pleasant change to go for a longer walk and shake off the sea leg feeling.
It was quite a climb to the top but half way we had a photo break where we took some group photos.
This was the UK contingent.
 This was the first of the Red Footed Boobies that I spotted. They were not so obliging about showing off their red feet so I could only get the occasional glimpse. This one just teased me for a moment as he lifted his foot in the air and then put it down again.

Many of them were nesting on the ground or in small bushes on the face of the cliff.

 Once we were back on board we got our snorkelling gear for a final swim. Although the water was very warm, I still wore a wet suit as some added protection from the sun.

Another great swim with lots of different fish, of which I managed to capture a few with my camera.

 As I popped my head up to see where everyone was, I found a blue footed booby looking down on me like a soldier on guard duty.

After returning to the boat we quickly changed and were taken for a walk on San Cristobal Island. Who could resist photographing these cute baby sea lions?

 We felt quite sad when we had to leave the island for our last night on the boat. Lots of email addresses to exchange and promises to keep in touch.

 This was the view of  San Cristobel where we would be catching a coach in the morning to take us to the airport.

 One last beautiful sunset.
 A quick walk around the town the next day

Waiting for a lift maybe.

Even the plane that took us back to Quito looked different. 


  1. Should I be surprised that I have never heard of a blue footed booby? The sea lions? at the motor bike are funny. How cute is the baby one your photographed.

  2. What a lovely adventure and the blue footed booby is a real treat, as well as the red footed showing of his foot. Really lovely.

  3. What a great tour of the place you had. Must admit I would love to go there.

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  5. Thanks for being such a great travel guide. I could enjoy the trip from here.

    (My previous comment had a major typo.)

  6. What a great trip! I have a picture (I'm not in it) taken at that same exact spot where you are sitting on the rocks. :-)

  7. I can only repeat myself, what a wonderful trip that must have been !

  8. Wow, what a trip. I would be very sad to leave, too. I especially enjoyed your posts in the frigid and snowy winter we are having here. -19 F last night, or -28 C.

  9. The scenery is so wonderful. You must have had a lovely time.

  10. Baby sea lion....awwwwwww! What a marvellous trip you have had. Pictures has been brilliant!!

  11. What a wonderful adventure!

  12. So sad you're leaving. I've really enjoyed your pictures. Looks like such a cool trip.

  13. What a great trip! Loved the shots of the cute baby seals.

  14. You sure cut a good figure in the wet suit. A very fit 60+year old. Well done. Great shots of the birds and the fish. The Boobies are cute with their red feet and blue feet. It must have been hard to say goodbye but new adventures await you.

  15. wow what an amazing experience! I hadn't heard of a red-footed booby before only the blue - great photos and the sea lion baby is incredibly cute.

  16. Thanks for sharing this wonderful trip.


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