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Sunday, 3 March 2013


These old Routemaster buses are everyone's favourite bus. This is the type of bus I remember from my childhood. As well as the driver there was a conductor who collected your fare and printed out a ticket from his machine.. Usually they had a friendly word or a joke with you. Nowadays there is just the driver who doesn't have the time to chat with passengers.

The buses were first seen on London's roads in 1956 and were withdrawn in 2005. However 2 heritage routes remain - the No9 and No15.

The open doorway and the pole was the  thing I loved about these buses. How many times did I run for the bus and grab that pole  to help me as I jumped on a moving bus. Not the brightest thing to do but when you're young or even not so young.


  1. They are cool buses and something that the tourist like to ride when visiting London. Kind of like the cable cars in San Francisco. Great post!

  2. When you were a child the bus was a bit different I'd say like this as it's how I remember them http://www.flickr.com/photos/21611052@N02/5863058271/lightbox/ plus we had trolley buses in Reading

  3. What a pity they didn't retain more of these wonderful old-timer buses.
    On a visit to London a few years back I caught a red bus from near Hampstead Heath which wound it's way down through the Camden-Markets and into central London ... it was one of the loveliest rides ... I thought it was one of the route-master buses but maybe it's been discontinued.

  4. They have buses like that in Victoria; I rode one all day long on a tour, and it was quite nice to be up so high! :-)

  5. They were great, but I quite like the modern design too. It was 'interesting' to watch the bendy buses navigate narrow streets.

  6. Very cool! I'm glad there are still some of these buses on regular routes. If I ever visit London, I definitely want to ride one of them.

  7. We call those double-decker buses---and I haven't seen one in years. I miss the times when people talked to each other in places like that..

    Great photos. Thanks.

  8. They are so typical British. I always loved to sit on top and see the world from above. Only the stairs were so small to come down in a wobbly bus.

  9. We still have these in Mumbai!!

  10. I came across your blog while looking for an image of the conductor cubby in the old Routemaster London Bus.I am writing today with an image request for my forthcoming book provisionally titled Interiors Beyond Architecture to be published by Routledge in 2017. I would like to include this image from your blog for my chapter, "Mobile Interiors". I am hoping that you are able to grant permission for use. Routledge terms for use are described below. To give permission you can simply email back a note stating that you agree to Routledge terms (below).
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    Amy Campos

    Dear Marie Blakeley,
    I am preparing an academic book entitled Interiors Beyond Architecture authored/edited by Deborah Schneiderman and Amy Campos and to be published by Routledge. I would like your permission to include the following material (images):The last image above of the entry door/stair and conductor cubby (DSCF7998.jpg).
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