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Friday, 22 March 2013

Mud, glorious mud

This week's walk with U3A was a 5 mile trek through woodland and farmland in the beautiful Kent countryside. However, the amount of rain and melted snow had left the ground like a quagmire.

 The soil is made up of  clay which does not allow for easy drainage.

Squelching through the mud was exhausting as each step required extra energy, as the ground wanted to keep hold of your boot for a moment longer than necessary.

 Where possible we left the path we were following and wandered into the woods where it wasn't so muddy. Many of the tree stumps were covered in shades of green moss and lichen.

 Half way round we came across this very inviting pub but didn't have the nerve to go in as we were covered in mud. Have to save that visit for another time.
Across the road from the pub was this 750 yr old church
After a short stop we were on our way again.

 It wasn't long before one member of the group slipped and had to be hauled up out of the mud as every time she tried to get up on her own she slipped again. Fortunately it was a soft landing and she was unhurt.

Being the sharp eyed person that I am I spotted this very woolly sheep. A bit large for a sheep I thought. That neck looks a bit elongated for a sheep and then I noticed there were others in a field. Well not exactly sheep but llamas - an easy mistake to make!
This time I did get it right. The first of the Spring lambs were in the next field.

 Yet another slippy style to climb over

The first flowering wild daffodils I've seen this year.

Loved the exposed roots of this tree.

 The hole in the rock framed the woodland beyond.

Then back to where we had started. Will I ever get my boots clean?


  1. What beautiful walk ! Love the Llama/sheep, lol ! You know kids love to walk in mud !

  2. Oh, that looks real muddy and slippery. At least the unfortunate victim can still smile.The lamas I have seen here too, they are there to protect the sheep and lambs against foxes.

  3. Nice walk but this time of year I tend to steer clear of muddy walks if I can. Fell over in the mud once with over a grands worth of camera lucky it only got splashed as I held it out of the way. The Llama looks like a Alpaca which is a bit smaller.

  4. I bet there was much laughter as you got the woman to her feet. Mud washes away and off.

  5. I could hear that sucking sound that mud makes on boots when I read this. A nice pressure wash with a garden hose works wonders on boots, BTW! :-)

  6. If you're not getting dirty, you're not having fun! Looks like a great walk.

  7. Oh boy! A challenge but worth it, I am sure. Nice series of photos. Bet your boots are already cleaned ready for the next trek :).

  8. Oh My.... We have been on muddy walks like that --and I know how hard it is to walk... I have also fallen on mud--with no injuries.... Glad you made it back safe and sound --but sorry you couldn't check out that pub or church....

    Have a nice weekend.

  9. Owww! I remember doing some seriously muddy hikes when I lived in Belgium! I really had the feeling the mud was trying to swallow my boots!

    But in spite of the mud it looks like you guys had a nice hike! :o)

  10. What a great post! So many smiles as I followed you on your trek. So U3A is a hiking club, I'm guessing. Perhaps you explained in a post that I missed. We've walked some beaches with loose sand lately and I noted how much more energy it takes than firm land. Mud would be about double that, I'm guessing. Yeah, perhaps shoulda' checked out that pub but otherwise, a fine route :)

  11. So much mud it could have been Glastonbury!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne


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