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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Gay Hussar

The Gay Hussar, an Hungarian restaurant, has been open since 1953 and is located on Greek Street, Soho. It has more of a club atmosphere than restaurant being over 3 floors with 2 private rooms said to have held many private meetings.
  It is believed that its founder, Victor Sassie, once worked for M16 (secret service) as a spy when he was a chef in Budapest. Not sure how true this is but since opening, this eating place has attracted politicians, writers and journalists and has bookshelves crammed with political books and autobiographies.



  1. The Gay Hussar must be popular with a certain segment of society, especially in Soho. I ate goulash once. I was not really impressed.

  2. It would be kind of fun to eat there and wonder if the people at the next table were plotting or planning something....I'd probably try to eavesdrop.

  3. I've never had Hungarian cuisine before, this would be a fun place to try it! (Although I'd prefer a trip to Budapest...)

  4. What a cute little building front! I'd love to try the food.

  5. Looks like an interesting place... Bet there are some healthy and robust conversations inside there... Talking politics right now in our country is something that is VERY hard to do---since many of us are quite opinionated and not necessarily on the same side... ha



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