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Thursday, 7 February 2013

Tavistock Square

The centre of London is quite unique in that it has numerous green spaces. Forming part of its green areas are some of the 600 squares in London of which 400 are protected under the London Squares preservation Act of 1931. There are the famous non-green ones such as Trafalgar Square and Leicester Square but there are many that are a green oasis in such a densely populated city. Here is  one I walked through this week- Tavistock Square. The daffodils had already begun to bloom.

In the middle of Tavistock Square is a peace garden with a statue of Mahatma Gandhi at its centre.

Flowers are placed on the statue on the anniversary of his death on 30th January 1948.


  1. Lovely!

    I've visited many of London's squares but I'm not familiar with this one.

  2. We are so covered in snow here today - with more falling - that it's hard for me to believe the daffodils are blooming. LOVELY. I guess that means spring is really on it;s way...eventually. :)

  3. We accidentally came across one in Paddington, I think by the name of Norfolk Square. It was a wonderful small oasis.

  4. Brussels too is a very green city with over 8.000 hectares of green spaces, parks, woodland, around and in the city and lots of little squares too.
    I love these little squares in London. You always find a space to sit down and rest or eat a sandwich sitting on a bench.

  5. We are still in deep winter, and to see daffodils blooming is fantastic!

  6. The green spaces and parks astounded us when we visited London! We didn't expect to see so many and we just loved them....found ourselves seeking them out instead of doing the touristy things we came for (although we stayed long enough to do both.) It's a wonderful City. And the daffodils make me envious. They grow in profusion in Oregon (where we lived most of our life and gardened) but don't grow here in Florida where we are this time of year nowadays. I miss spring flowers!


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