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Friday, 15 February 2013

Chiddingstone Village

Chiddingstone Village is a pretty Kent village dating back to Tudor times. Little has altered over the centuries apart from the number of cars parked in the High Street.

There is just the one row of these medieval buildings which are  typical of the Kent style with half-timbered sides, gable ends and stone hung red-tiled roofs.

This building which is now the Post Office is first mentioned in a deed of 1453. Over fifty years later in 1517 it was bought by Sir Thomas Boleyn, father of Ann Boleyn who was the 2nd wife of Henry V111.

This house was built around 1550. It is astonishing to think that these houses have been here for almost 500 years and are still in use today! I wonder if buildings built today will survive for that length of time.

No village is complete without an inn. The building now known as the Castle was first referred to in 1666. In 1730 it was turned into an inn called The Five Bells but is now The Castle Inn.

The National Trust bought the entire village, including the Castle Inn, houses and post office, in 1939 to ensure its preservation. Over 70% of all the buildings are over 200 years old.


  1. Tudor did you say? However would one know! I like the way so many English villages are kept intact and functional, even if it means a Tescos on the outskirts.

  2. Those 14th century homes still occupied definitely boggle my mind! We are originally from the far top left ;) corner of the US, where century-old houses are a rarity! We've traveled some, but still this is astonishing to me. Thank you for this lovely post!!!

  3. Wow, that's OLD!!!! Compared to buildings downunder, anyway!!! But I'm still not sure if the cars look out of place or not?!?!

  4. It's so nice to visit you and see places that are really old. I mean REALLY old! I don't think anything existed here in this part of the country that long ago. You are so fortunate to live where history surrounds you! :-)

  5. Hi Fun60, Interesting post here! It truly is hard to believe the buildings are nearly 500 years old. I'm in Seattle and, sadly, even houses that are about 100 years old are falling apart. Thanks for sharing and stopping by John's Island. John

  6. Dear Fun60...I'm glad to read your blog...and hope you achieve much more than your bucket list in the next decade. I don't think I'd heard of one when I started that decade, and now am on my next! Still without a list. I'm more a one day at a time woman.

  7. I'm used to very old castles, cathedrals, government buildings... but an entire village?!?!?! WOW! Incredible all those buildings are so well preserved and still in use! Very cool!


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