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Saturday, 9 February 2013

Bedford square

This is a Georgian terrace of houses leading on to Bedford Square, which is the only remaining complete Georgian square in Bloomsbury.

 All the houses had what seemed to be the original wooden shutters at the windows. This window below had the shutters closed. The square was developed in the 17thC on the Duke of Bedford's land hence the name - Bedford Square.

The Pre Raphaelite brotherhood (group of artists and poets) was founded in this square in 1848.
It is a very typical London square with gardens in the middle and houses on all four sides.


  1. So beautiful!!
    Loved the perspective in the 1st pic

  2. I love the idea of having a communal garden or park in the middle, something to look out on and for all to enjoy. Those chimney pots on top are rather distinctive too, very unlike today's roof tops.

  3. Lovely buildings, they look so beautiful preserved.

  4. It is still a beautiful building. The doorways are striking. I guess they would be expensive homes.

  5. Lovely! And interesting that the shutters should be on the inside, not the outside!...

  6. It's so beautifully preserved. I wonder what they look like on the inside.

  7. Hi there - had a look back through a couple of posts - the front steps to the NHM are great - every year for about 6 or 8 years I went there on weekend Scout trip to London - all the way to the Big Smoke from Somerset!


    Stewart M - Melbourne


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