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Sunday, 10 February 2013

Chinese New Year 2013

I had decided to go into London to see the Chinese New Year parade but I didn't leave the house early enough nor did I realise the times of the trains had been changed. By the time I got to Trafalgar Square the parade had finished. Just my luck that this year it actually started on time at 10am. Even though I was there by 10.45 and fought my way along the parade route I still missed it. The weather was awful - pouring with rain and bitterly cold.

 I did see some of the costumes on my way to China town. They looked quite sad without their owners to bring them alive.

Despite the weather China town was overflowing with people looking to buy decorations or food.

There were lanterns strung across many of the roads. China town covers quite a large area near Leicester Square and today no traffic was allowed on any of the roads in that area.

Had the weather been more conducive to hanging around I would have watched some of the entertainment in Trafalgar Square where there was 6 hours of singing, dancing and various other performances. They say celebrations in London are second only to Asian celebrations.

Just as I was leaving 3 Chinese ladies wished me a Happy New Year and posed for a photo.


  1. WOW this looks amazing! Too bad the weather didn't cooperate.
    It is a rare overcast day here in Vegas.

  2. The weather looks awfull to hang around indeed. But you made some nice pictures anyway. The three ladies look rather cold.

  3. I am surprised that it took place at Trafalgar Square ! One evening we were looking for a Chinese restaurant and our son took us to China town. It was in 1998. And without knowing we dropped into the New Year celebrations ! We hadn't known. It was great, we saw a parade with lots of dragons, a lot of very cheerful people, the restaurant was superb with its New Year decorations and we were invited to take part ! I'll never forget how nice it was !

  4. I found it interesting that Chinese New Year is as "big" in London as it is here in Vancouver. Teaching at an international school for 14 years made me much more aware of this holiday's significance in the lives of our kids (Korea, Vietnam, and many other countries as well as China). Good for you for trying to make the parade. Wonderful colour in those costumes!

  5. Sorry you missed the parade, but at least you shot some pics of China town! My Chinese friends all made sure it was their New Year on Sunday:)


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